Legislative Updates…

On evening of January 13, 2014, the Federal legislative text and the joint explanatory statement of the Omnibus Appropriations bill were released. The bill is HR 3547 (another bill was amended with the consolidated appropriations bill being added to a liability bill.) The package is about 1,582 pages long and includes all 12 appropriations bills.   HR. 3547 will go before the House Rules Committee on Tuesday and to the Senate Floor later this week and then to the Senate.

Summary of highlights

  • $350,000,000 Emergency Management Performance Grants. Is maintained as a separate account.
  • $20,529,000 for Emergency Management Institute
  • $25,000,000 for National Pre-Disaster Mitigation Fund (rejected administration proposal to terminate the program.)
  • $680,000,000 for Firefighter Assistance Grants ($340,000,000 for firefighter assistance and $340,000,000 for firefighter assistance grants.  Certain waivers are included in general provision section.
  • $466,346,000 for State Homeland Security Grant Program
  • $600,000,000 for Urban Area Security Initiative
  • $120,000,000 for Emergency Food and Shelter
  • General Provision language delaying certain rate increases in National Flood Insurance Program
  • General Provision prohibiting any funds to be used to implement National Preparedness Grant Program until authorized.
  • General Provision prohibiting any appointment of a Principal Federal Official unless certain conditions are met.


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